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 CBAE's free online ClickBank affiliate link cloaking system

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Who/What is is designed, programmed, and operated by Sam Stephens.


Who is Sam Stephens?

Sam Stephens is the guy behind CB Affiliate Express, the affiliate system for ClickBank Vendors (that is based on), as well as DLGuard which is fast becoming the standard for download management systems and digital product delivery.


Why offer for free?

The brutely honest answer is to draw more attention to other products designed by Sam Stephens, as well of course to make this world a better place in which to live.

Of course, if you like, you can make a donation to help fund the continued development and operation of


What can I use for?

You can use to cloak your ClickBank affiliate links when you promote them. It's a quick and simple method of helping to secure your affiliate links.


Can I use to promote other pages or products of the same vendor?

No - this has to be done on the vendors website. If your vendor has multiple products being sold from the same site, and you'd like your affiliate link to direct your visitors straight to a specific page, then you'll need to recommend to your vendor that they purchase CB Affiliate Express. It's pretty cheap, so they have no reason not to!


Can I use cloaked links with mass traffic systems or purchased hits?

No - the majority of these systems just throw untargetted "traffic" (traffic is in quotes because it's not always real people, sometimes it's simply automated hits by a computer somewhere) at your affiliate link, which will bog down our system and won't do you any good either.

You're much better of writing an article and include your affiliate link in it, or send an email to your mailing list, or simply paste the link on your website rather than throw thousands or millions of these purchased hits. Otherwise you'll end up with millions of hits, no sales, and wasted money.


Can I use cloaked links in unsolicited or SPAM emails?

Of course not. Why would you want to spam people anyway?!


What is the difference between and CB Affiliate Express?

CB Affiliate Express is designed for ClickBank vendors who want to make the lives of their affiliates much easier, and their links much more secure. is for affiliates who are promoting a ClickBank vendor who has not yet purchased CB Affiliate Express.


Your free service rocks - I'd like to make a donation to help you to continue to develop and support this system.

Thank you, it's very much appreciated! You may donate via Paypal if you wish.

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